Best sides of French Quarter in New Orleans

The French Quarter is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans. The area has a rich history, including being the site where this US city’s first Catholic Mass was held. 

Today, tourists flock to this neighborhood for its festivals and famous attractions such as Jackson Square and Café du Monde. Whether you’re vacationing or visiting this US destination with your family, friends, and a Sacramento escort, here are the best sides of the French Quarter in New Orleans:

Café Du Monde

The Café du Monde is open 24 hours a day and has been since 1862. It’s famous for its beignets, which are light, airy doughnuts covered in powdered sugar and served with coffee or chicory. The café also serves other pastries like croissants and bagels, but it’s all about those delicious beignets.

The historic building was built in 1794 as part of an old Spanish fort called Fort St. Louis de la Louisiane, later known as Fort San Carlos. In 1803 it became known as the Charity Hospital after being purchased by city officials. In 1834 the building was bought by French immigrants who turned it into a coffeehouse.

French Market

The French Market is a great place to get souvenirs and food. There are many places to eat there, such as Acme Oyster House and Beignets Bistreaux. The French Market is also excellent for people-watching, especially on weekends when musicians play music all day long. There are rides at Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, or you can see the alligators at Audubon Zoo’s Reptile House. 

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The Cabildo

The Cabildo is a historic building on Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was originally built to serve as a courthouse for the Spanish Colonial government and later became the state offices of the United States after Louisiana became part of the country. 

The building has been renovated many times since its construction in 1795. It now serves as an interpretive center and museum dedicated to preserving its history.

The Cabildo’s main attraction is its architecture. It is one of only two surviving examples of French colonial-style buildings in Louisiana, the other being another former courthouse called St. Louis Cathedral. 

The building also has some fascinating history behind it. It was used by both Spanish colonists and American officials during their time in control over New Orleans. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, water levels rose so high that they reached up through vents on top of this structure. 

Creole Candy Company

The Creole Candy Company is a New Orleans institution and has been making sweet treats for nearly 100 years. The company was founded in 1918 by Marie-Louise Fortier, who came to America from France as a young girl with her parents. 

In those days, she sold pralines from her home kitchen door. However, she soon opened up shop inside the French Market, where it still operates today, and her candy shop now has several locations in the town.

In Conclusion

New Orleans is a great place to visit. There are so many things to do, and you can learn about the history of New Orleans when you visit the French Quarter.